“Improve production efficiency through the integration of machines and systems”

Wise Ingegneria e Soluzioni Software has the purpose of being an efficient and effective society of business services in the field of information systems, control and integrated logistics, a structure oriented to market and quality of his service that has as its primary objective to create value and fully meet the needs of the customer.

Wise Ingegneria e Soluzioni Software is a company that stands out from similar situations for the completeness of his offer since it includes professionalism in the field of mechanical design and development of automation systems and production supervision. The combination of these skills along with a great knowledge of business processes allows us to propose and provide “turnkey” projects in the areas of integrated logistics, the computerized management of production and integration of enterprise information systems.

More specifically, Wise Ingegneria e Soluzioni Software is able to provide:

  • feasibility studies and sizing of systems of integrated logistics;
  • design and construction of automated storage facilities through stacker cranes and shuttles equipped with the automation and the management system (WMS);
  • implementation of industrial automation systems, process control and supervision;
  • implementation of management systems of production(MES) and inventory(WMS), process tracking, traceability raw materials/semi-finished products, shipping traceability and detections of measurements efficiency ratios.

Thanks to the experience gained in numerous industrial fields, we are able to quickly understand the customer’s requirements and propose solutions with a high degree of integration, geared towards ease of use, taking into account the operational scope of use merging together as described by the doctrine and as dictated by practicality.

Our relationship with the customer goes beyond the shared development of the solution, the service continues even after providing the customer all that is necessary in a context of “customer satisfaction”, from the work of re-engineering to the service, to continue, through continuous improvement, to reap the benefits of the tight integration of business processes.